Felin Crewi Honey

 After days wandering in this wild and beautiful landscape, what’s the best way to capture the memory and take it home?

One of the nicest and easiest ways is to take it home in a little jar of Felin Crewi honey. The dedicated team of Welsh Black Bees labour all summer long collecting the nectar that contains the sweet essence of summer. Following a secret recipe known only to bees they hover and hum above the tapestry of wild flowers and make a beeline for specific flowers: a twist of Corn Poppy, a soupçon of Meadow Buttercup and Musk Mallow. A spoonful of Birdsfoot Trefoil,  a pinch of Black Knapweed…

Just as the alchemists of old turned lead into gold, our clever bees turn flowers into gold.

The result is a sticky, golden, ambrosial honey that seems by some strange sorcery to capture the very soul of this world: the dappled sunlight, the gurgling brook and the evening sun on the mirrored surface of 'The River Crewi'.

When you get back home, as the rain pours down and those happy days in Wales are but a distant memory, all it takes is a little twist of the lid to make the memories  come flooding back. Felin Crewi honey will enrich your toast and your morning.  For a moment you will wonder where the humming is coming from, and then you will realise. It is you!

If you’d like to try an hands-on experience with Felin Crewi bees do let me know!

Honey is available to purchase £5.80 +p&p